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Transfers can be purchased from our Transfer Service whose contact details can be found in Steam Chest or you can email to:

Alternatively, you can order them online below using Paypal






We no longer have any supplies of LNER transfers but they can be obtained from Maidstone Engineering Services or Fox Transfers.

BR Totems and some other transfers are available from Polly Model Engineering



Waterslide Transfers available to Members

LMS + 1234567890 (black shading) £3-00 per set inc. UK postage

LMS + 1234567890 (red shading) £3-00 per set inc. UK postage

The LMS letters are 5/8" high, which works out scale to 14" with numerals 0-9 7/16" high.
These are suitable for the 1928-1947 livery scheme, excluding Silver Jubilee in its initial black livery. They are not really usable for the pre-1928 livery, as the LMS used a different lettering both in size and style, or the post 1947 style which was sans-serif.


SOUTHERN + 1234567890 £2-75 per set inc. UK postage

The typeface used here is not a particularly good approximation of SR letter form. The sets we have consist of the 'SOUTHERN' in a strong yellow, pretty well cadmium yellow, and ¼" high and of style described as Egyptian serif. Numerals 0-9 are ¾" high and are sans serif. These sets are good for the style used by the Southern up to 1937 but, as always, research is necessary.


GREAT WESTERN £3-75 per set inc. UK postage

The sets consist of 'GREAT (crest) WESTERN'. The letters are gold with red shading and are ¼" high. The crest which is not the 'Q' type (ie garterless) could be discarded. These transfers are suitable for the period 1923-1936 with, or without the crest;- 1910-1936ish; passenger and mixed traffic locos: GREAT crest WESTERN, full lining. Freight locos, usually GREAT WESTERN, not always lined. 1936-1946; Circular GWR monogram, no lining all engines. 1946-1948; Passenger locos G crest W, full lining. Mixed traffic, and freight locos GWR, rarely lined.




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