Uranus - Freelance 4-8-4 Tender Locomotive - James Josslin and LBSC

Drawings Available:

Sheet U1 - Locomotive GA

Sheet UM2 - Main Frame details

Sheet UM2A - Trailing Truck and Main Frame Details

Sheet UM3 - Boiler Details

Sheet UM4 - Outside Valve Gear, Slide Bars, and Crossheads

Sheet UM4BOM - Bill of Materials - Motion

Sheet UM5 - Wheels, Axles, Coupling Rods, and Inside Valve Gear

Sheet UM5BOM - Bill of Materials - Motion Details

Sheet UM6 - Valve Gear GA, Motion Brackets, Expansion Link Brackets, Valve Gear Details

Sheet UM7 - Outside Cylinder Details

Sheet UM8 - Tender Details

Sheet UM9 - Inside Cylinder Details

Sheet UM10 - Typical Cross Sections of Locomotive

Sheet UM11 - GA of Outside Valve Gear

Castings Available:






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