B&O P7 Class Locomotive 'President Washington' - H J Coventry

(Please note that this is ½" to the foot scale)

Constructional instructions and some sketches appeared in The Modelmaker (an American magazine) volumes 5, 6 and 7.

In 1928, Kennions made available a set of drawings (plans) and castings to build President Washington. None of these are available today. However, thanks to the generosity of member Bob Thomas, the Association has a copy of the Modelmaker articles and the plans. Because of their poor state, some plans have been redrawn and most of the prints are now available.


Drawings Available:

Sheet P1 - List of Drawings

Sheet 01 - Locomotive GA

Sheet 02 - Locomotive Front and Rear Elevations

Sheet 84/2 - Details for Steam valves etc.

Sheet S1 - Screw Thread Comparison

Sheet 50B - Locomotive Frames

Sheet 51B - Rear Cradle

Sheet 52B - Axles

Sheet 53B - Bearings and truck Wheels

Sheet 54B - Injector

Sheet 55B - Water gauge, Blower Valve, and Check Valve

Sheet 56B - Front Truck

Sheet 57B - Driving Wheels

Sheet 58B - Side and Main Rods

Sheet 60B - Cylinders

Sheet 61B - Valve Gear Details

Sheet 62B - Cylinder Details

Sheet 63B - Motion Details

Sheet 64B - Springing Details

Sheet 65B - Trailing Truck

Sheet 66B - Brake Details

Sheet 67B - Brake details

Sheet 68B - Brake Details

Sheet 69C - Boiler

Sheet 70B - Front Bumper, S B Front, Stack

Sheet 71B - Smokebox and Sand Dome

Sheet 72B - Mud Ring and Boiler Throatplate

Sheet 73B - Superheater Details

Sheet 74B - Boiler Fittings

Sheet 75B - Cab details

Sheet 76B - Locomotive Footplate

Sheet 77B - Reversing Gear Details

Sheet 78B - Locomotive Fittings

Sheet 79B - Locomotive Front End details

Sheet 80B - Grate and Ashpan

Sheet 81B - Steam Pipe Covers and Cylinder End Covers

Sheet 82 - Trailing Truck Spring Rigging

Sheet 83B - Safety Valves

Sheet 84B - Screw Down Valves

Sheet 85C - Tender GA

Sheet 86C - Tender Frame

Sheet 88B - Tender Bogie Details

Sheet 89B - Exhaust Nozzle and Firedoor

Sheet 90B - Frame Stay and Boiler Waist Sheet

Sheet 90C - Running Boards and Piping

Sheet 93B - Template for Boiler Jacket Second Ring

Sheet 99B - Trailing Truck Rollers

Sheet B8 - Throttle

Please not that there are some drawings that we do not have i.e. - Sheets 59B, 69B, 85B to 87B, 91B, 92B, and 94B to 98B

Castings Available:






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