Flying Scotsman - Paul Wiese and Derek Collin

Drawings Available:

Sheet 1 - Locomotive GA and Main Frames

Sheet 2 - Driving Wheels, Axles, Coupling and Connecting Rods, Motion Brackets, Reverser, Axle Pump

Sheet 3 - Outside Cylinders and Valve Gear

Sheet 4 - Coal Fired Boiler and Fittings

Sheet 5 - Front Bogie, Trailing Wheels and Axle Boxes, Running Boards, Cab, Grate, Ashpan, Domes

Sheet 6 - Inside Cylinder and Alterations for Three Cylinder Version, Lubricator

Sheet 7 - Tender Details

Sheet 8 - Alternative Cartazzi Axle Boxes for Trailing Axle

Sheet 9 - Alternative Gas Fired Water Tube Boiler


Castings Available:

W1 - Bogie Wheels

W3 - Trailing and Tender Wheels

W4 - Disc Type Tender Wheel

W5 - Spoked Tender Wheel

W15 - Coupled Wheel

W16 - Driving Wheel

EA38 - Tender Handpump

FS8 - Main Hornblock (pair)

FS10 - Main Axle Box (sticks of three)

FS16 - Trailing Hornblock (pair)

FS17 - Dummy Trailing Springs

FS29+ - Outside Cylinder Set

FS25+ - Inside Cylinder Set

FS31 - Outside Guidebar Bracket (pair)

FS32 - Axle Pump

FS33 - Eccentric Strap for Axle Pump

FS37 - Bogie Axle Box (stick of four)

FS45 - Tender and Trailing Wheel Axle Box (stick of 4)

FS50 - Banjo Dome

FS51 - Round Dome

FS52 - Chimney

FS53 - Smokebox Door

FS54 - Smokebox Door Ring

FS55 - Smokebox Saddle

FS56 - Regulator Block

FS62 - Cast Nameplates

FS64 - Tender Spring Hanger Bracket

FS65 - Trailing Axle Spring and Horn (Lost Wax)

FS66 - LNER Tender Springs and Horns (Lost Wax)

FS67 - Axlebox Cover (strip of four) Lost Wax



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