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The National 2½" Gauge Association is a not-for-profit organisation

All drawings listed can be purchased from The Drawings Officer whose contact details can be found in Steam Chest or you can email to:

Alternatively, you can order them online below using Paypal. You do not need a PayPal account to do this.

Group A1 - N25GA
Group A2 - N25GA
Group B1 - Bonds
Group B2 - Bonds
Group C - JAJ
Group D - Non UK
Group F - Works Drawings
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The prices listed include postage and packing within the UK only. Postage to overseas addresses will incur an additional supplement as will sending drawings in a tube. Please add this to your order using the Postage Options Box.

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Locomotive Plans available to Members

Clicking on the name will take you to a page giving the drawings and castings available for that design. Note that this is a 'work in progress' and it will take time to cover all the designs listed.

Group A1 - N25GA Drawings

Group A2 - N25GA Drawings

Group B - Bonds Drawings

The Bonds designs share many common parts and so drawings for any particular design will consist of a few sheets devoted purely to that design and the rest will be the 'Standard Parts' drawings. We have a lot of these but unfortunately not all of them.

Please note that some of the boiler designs will not be compliant with modern boiler regulations and will need to be modified to bring them up to date.

If you require more than one set of the Bonds drawings please contact the drawings officer before ordering as many of the drawings may be duplicated. We can also supply individual sheets.

Group C - JAJ Drawings

Group D - Non UK Drawings

Group E - LBSC's "EM" Drawings

The Association do not supply these but they can be obtained direct from Reeves (2000). They are listed under 'Miscellaneous Drawings'.

Reeves also sell the drawings for Elaine and Sir Ironside by Don Young and some castings (but not wheels)

Group F - Works Drawings

Stirling Single (17/32":1ft scale) £2-63


Drawings are normally sent folded to approximately A4 size. They can be sent rolled in a tube if you don't want them folded but there will be an extra charge for this as the postage is higher due to the size of the tube.


Drawings by The Locomotive Design Company

These can be obtained from:

The Locomotive Design Company
East End
North Allerton
North Yorkshire


The following drawings are available from:

Sarikhobbies (

Austere Ada - LO59

Netta - LO92

Eagle - LO955

Black Five - LO967

These were previously sold by MyHobbyStore


Kennions (

Austere Ada




Purley Grange

Southern Maid

They can also supply castings for these designs.


Drawings by Henry Greenly

We have many original drawings in our archives for 2½" Gauge locomotives by Henry Greenly. These are usually just a single sheet which give general arrangement drawings for the locomotive and it's tender if appropriate. We also have many for Gauge 1 and O Gauge locomotives.

Please contact the Drawings Officer if there is anything that you are looking for.


Designs by Julius de Waal

Julius has produced quite a few designs for 2½" Gauge/Gauge 3 and these are available as a free pdf download. They are not intended for 'passenger hauling' but may be of interest. Please note that the drawings are for personal use only.



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