Bonds Mixed Traffic 4-6-0 JR330


Drawings Available:

JR330 - Locomotive GA

JR? - Tender GA (Do not have)

JR309/1 - Locomotive Frames

BS301/1 - Axle Boxes, Buffer Beams, Buffers, and Frame Stretchers

BS301/4 - Wheels and Axles

BS302/3 - Standard Round top Coal Fired Boiler

BS302/4 - Standard Belpaire Boiler (Do not have)

BS304/1 - Front Bogie

BS304/3 - Tender Details

BS305 - Cylinder Details

BS307 - Coupling Rods, Connecting Rods, Crank Pins, Crossheads, Slide Bars, and Motion Brackets

BS308/1 - Tender Hand Pump

BS308/2 - Roscoe Type Lubricator

BS308/3 - Superheater, Steam and Exhaust Piping Details

BS323 - Walschaert's Valve Gear (Do not have)


Castings Available:






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