Bonds British Atlantic JR300A



Drawings Available:

JR300A - Locomotive and Tender GAs

JR309/2 - Locomotive Frames

BS301/1 - Axle Boxes, Buffer Beams, Buffers, and Frame Stretchers

JR301/2 - Trailing Frames and Trailing Truck

BS301/4 - Wheels and Axles

JR302/1 - Water Tube Boiler

BS302/2 - Standard Wootton Firebox Boiler

BS302/2S - Alternative Coal Fired Boiler

BS303 - Walschaert's Valve Gear

BS304/1 - Front Bogie

BS304/3 - Tender Buffer Beams, Horns, and Axle Boxes

BS305 - Cylinder Details

BS307 - Coupling Rods, Connecting Rods, Crank Pins, Crossheads, Slide Bars, and Motion Brackets

BS308/1 - Tender Hand Pump

BS308/2 - Roscoe Type Lubricator

BS308/3 - Superheater, Steam and Exhaust Piping Details


Please note that the boiler designs will not be compliant with modern boiler regulations and will need to be modified to bring them up to date.


Castings Available:






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