Ayesha II - Tony Weale


Drawings Available:

Sheet A - Loco GA

Sheet B - Tender Details

Sheet C - Loco Frames

Sheet D - Wheels, Axles, Crank Pins, Front Bogie, Connecting Rods, Coupling Rods, Guide Bars, Guide Bar Brackets, Crossheads, Eccentrics, and Eccentric Straps.

Sheet E - Cylinder and valve Chest Details

Sheet F - Tender Hand Pump and Axle Pump

Sheet G - Smokebox, Smokebox Layout, Saddle, Grate and Ashpan,

Sheet H - Frame Details

Sheet J - Boiler and Regulator

Sheet 1 - Alternative Boiler

Sheet 3 - Full Size Dimension Details for different Versions of Locos

Sheet 4 - Whistle

Castings Available:

AY1 - Front Buffer Beam

AY2 - Cylinder Block

AY3 - Steam Chest

AY4 - Equaliser Bar and Front Bogie Axle box

AY5 - Bogie Centre

AY6 - Cylinder end Covers and Valves

AY7 - Regulator

AY8 - Dome

AY9 - Trailing Axle Boxes

Bonds1 - Tender Handpump Body

All Wheel Castings







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