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Cylinder and Other Castings for 2" Gauge

List as at November 2009



All our castings are available to members and non-members. Carriage costs are extra.


Most types are generally held in stock, but ineveitably there may be times when there is insufficient to meet an order.


The list shows the extensive current range of cylinder and other castings. Practically all of these are of gunmetal (to BS EN ???).

Code Details Suitable for
BF14-19 Cylinder Set, slide valved Black Five
BF20-23 Cylinder Set, piston valved Black Five
EA12 Outside Cylinder Block Eagle
NM14 Outside Cylinder Block Nigel Minor
ST3 Outside Cylinder Block Stirling Single
EA13 Inside Steam Chest Eagle
ST4 Inside Steam Chest Stirling Single
EA15 Slide Valve Eagle
EA16 Front Cylinder Cover Eagle
EA17 Rear Cylinder Cover Eagle
DM1 Inside Cylinder Block and Steam Chest Dairymaid, 4F
4F1 Inside Steam Chest Cover Dairymaid, 4F
DS9 Inside Cylinder Block and Steam Chest Downside
PR1-3 Cylinder Block and Steam Chest Bonds' LMS Duchess
PR4 Inside Cylinder Block and Steam Chest Princess Royal, Kingette
GA1 Inside Cylinder Block and Steam Chest Green Arrow, Lyme Regis
OL1 Inside Cylinder Block and Valve Chest Olympiade
UD1 Inside Cylinder Block and Steam Chest Ugly Duckling
RO1 Inside Cylinder Block (single cylinder) Rose, 6yr old's 4F
NE1 Cylinder Blocks, Steam Chests and all Covers (set of) Netta
DS7 Outside Cylinder Block Downside
DS8 Outside Steam Chest Downside
NM15 Outside Steam Chest Nigel Minor
xxx Universal Outside Cylinder Set to LBSC's 1956 design
xxx Piston blank (?? max OD) -


Code Details Suitable for
BF3 Pump and Frame Stretcher Black Five
BR2 Trailing Truck Pivot Stretcher Britannia
DS3 Bogie Stretcher Downside
DS4 Inside Motion Plate Downside
DS5 Rear Stretcher Downside
DS6 Tender Pump Stretcher Downside
DS7 Tender Front Stretcher Downside
EA5 Combined Pump and Stretcher Eagle
NM6 Combined Pump and Stretcher Nigel Minor
EA7 Bogie Pin Stretcher Eagle
EL1 Bogie Tender Centre Box Elaine
ES4 Main Stretcher (25/8") Evening Star
ES5 Main Stretcher (23/8") Evening Star
ES6 Main Stretcher (21/16") Evening Star
ES7 Main Stretcher (17/8") Evening Star
B4 Frame Stay with Oil Pump Platform Bonds design

Code Details Suitable for
EA8 Main Hornblock Eagle, Black Five
EA9 Main Axlebox (stick of 4) Eagle, Black Five, Toby
xxx Axlebox Material for " wide Hornblocks (8" stick) Eagle, etc
BF28 Bogie Axlebox (stick of 4) Black Five
EA29 Bogie Axlebox (stick of 4) Eagle
EA34 Tender Dummy Spring and Hornblock (based on Bonds type) Eagle
NM27 Tender Dummy Spring and Hornblock Nigel Minor
BF33 Tender Axlebox (stick of 6) Black Five
EA35 Tender Axlebox (stick of 6) Eagle
NM28 Tender Axlebox (3 pairs) Nigel Minor

Code Details Suitable for
BF4 Loco Buffer Beam Black Five
BF5 Loco Drag Beam Black Five
BF8 Axle Pump Black Five
TO4 Axle Pump Toby
CLA Feed Pump SECR C
EA25 Eccentric Strap Eagle, Black Five, Toby
FS33 Eccentric Strap Flying Scotsman, SECR C
ST5 Eccentric Strap (stick of 6) Stirling Single
EA46 Crossheads (pair of) Eagle
BF36 Smokebox Door Black Five, SECR C
EA40 Smokebox Door Eagle, Toby
NM22 Smokebox Door Nigel Minor
BF37 Smokebox Front and Rear Rings Black Five
EA41 Smokebox Front Ring Eagle
NM25 Smokebox Front Ring Nigel Minor
EA44 Smokebox Saddle Eagle
NM23 Smokebox Saddle Nigel Minor
BF40 Dome Black Five
EA42 Dome Eagle
MS1 Dome M7 044T, Adams O2
NM21 Dome Nigel Minor
BF39 Chimney Black Five
EA43 Chimney Eagle
NM20 Chimney Nigel Minor
BF41 Top Feed Cover Black Five
B5 Top Feed Fitting Bonds design
BF24 Guide Bar Bracket (left hand) Black Five
BF25 Guide Bar Bracket (right hand) Black Five
ST8 Guide Bar Bracket (1 pair) Stirling Single
EA45 Motion Brackets (LH and RH pair) Eagle
BF46 Bogie Equaliser Bar Black Five
BR1 Regulator and Superheater Block Britannia
BR3 Valve Spindle Support Bracket Britannia
B6 Bogie Equaliser Beam Bonds design, Dairymaid
ST7 Boiler Joint Ring Stirling Single
FA1 Tender Bogie Sideframe and Stretcher (Bettendorf) Fayette
US1 Tender Bogie Sideframe US Austerity
EA38 Tender Hand Pump Eagle, Black Five
B1 Tender Hand Pump Bonds design
BF45 Tender Drag and Buffer Beam Black Five
NM24 Tender Drag and Buffer Beam Nigel Minor
B2 Tender Drag Beam Bonds design
B3 Tender Buffer Beam Bonds design
BF42 Grate (cast iron) Black Five
NM30 Grate (cast iron) Nigel Minor


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