by Rex Tingley

She's sweet, she's simple, Sugar was designed for the beginner
and was built on the Unimat in less than 3 months for about 35.


Sugar is a freelance design in 2 in. gauge, designed using my valveless engine units and simplified in many ways to enable the beginner to tackle the job easily, and the expert, quickly. All work was carried out on the Unimat 3 lathe where possible, otherwise by hand and sweat of the brow.

Technical Particulars

  • Driving wheel dia. 1"
  • Two outside Cylinders, " bore x 29/32" stroke
  • Valveless design
  • Boiler 2" diameter x 3" long, round top, 70psi, coal fired.

    Construction Articles

  • Instructions for building Sugar appeared in The Model Engineer, issues 3575-9, 3580-1, in 1977-8.

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