How to build "Nippy", a high speed locomotive for 2˝-in gauge.

THE locomotive illustrated this week is of a type which was a great favourite in days gone by, and can still "do its stuff" on a small line. It is simple to build, extraordinarily free in running, and able to traverse fairly sharp curves on account of the short wheelbase. Anyone wishing to build it need not bother about special detail drawings, as most of the "Ayesha" details will work in. All locomotive enthusiasts who are conversant with railroad history won‘t need an introduction to the old single-wheeler "Comwall," first built with the boiler under the driving axle, and then entirely reconstructed with a new boiler in the usual position. A correct miniature replica of the old high-wheeler would be somewhat difficult to make for satisfactory working, so I have given Johnny Ramsbottom a dose of the same medicine which he gave old man Trevithick, and kind of "rebuilt the rebuild," with the result you see in the sketch.

The locomotive should be painted dull black and lined out like the old London and North-western engines, and will form an interesting, efficient and speedy addition to any 2˝-in. gauge fleet.

The article on Nippy appeared in the 18th March, 1932, edition of English Mechanics.

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