SECR 'C' Class Goods - a 2" gauge Locomotive

by Richard Down

Technical Particulars

  • Frames 13 5/8 " overall
  • Coupled Wheels 2_5/8" diameter
  • Inside Cylinders " bore x 1_1/8" stroke
  • Slide Valves operated by Slip Eccentric Gear
  • Boiler Barrel 2_3/8" o.d. (round top type)
  • Drawings

  • 1. G.A. of Engine, Main Frames.
  • 2. Front Buffer Beam, Rear Beam, Driving Wheels, Axleboxes and Axles, Coupling Rods
  • 3. Cylinders and Motion Work.
  • 4. Boiler GA, Smokebox, Fire Bars and Ash Pan.
  • 5. Boiler Fittings, Feed Pump and Lubricator Details.
  • 6. Running Boards and Cab Details.
  • 7. Tender GA and Hand Pump Details.
  • 8. Tender Frames, Wheels and other details.
  • The complete Drawing Set of 8 sheets, price 14 inc. postage is available from Richard Down, 4 St Nicholas Road, Hythe, Kent.


    The following castings are available from the Association :
  • Driving, coupled amd Tender Wheels
  • Cylinder block, Steam Chest and Covers
  • Eccentric Straps
  • Engine Buffer and Drag Beams and Axleboxes
  • Smoke Box Door
  • Tender Buffer and Drag Beams
  • Tender Dummy Springs, Horns and Axleboxes (lost wax type)
  • Tender Hand Pump
  • Transfers

    Sets of the Maunsell period Southern letters and numbers were produced by Ashdown Models. The Association has stocks of these available to members.
    Richard Downs drew up this locomotive design in 1987 for his own pleasure. It was intended for "scenic line" duties rather than passenger hauling.

    Following the "discovery" of this design in 2002, a member of the Association produced patterns for parts not then available, and showed his chassis at a meeting and at the 2003 Sandown Exhibition.

    The full size locomotive was designed by Harry Wainwright for the South East and Chatham Railway to provide a much needed powerful engine for the Goods Traffic. 109 were built between 1900 and 1908 at their Longhedge Works and by Neilson, Reid and Co., and by Sharp, Stewart and Co. They were simple, well designed and robustly constructed, easily fired and had free-steaming boilers. The tenders were 6 wheeled, 4' dia, carried 4 tons of coal and 3,300 gallons of water. All 109 survived to work in BR days and the last was withdrawn in 1967, but purchased by the Wainwright C Preservation Society and now resides on the Bluebell Railway in Sussex.

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