S15 - a 2" gauge Locomotive


The S15 is a much undervalued design. The two locomotives that are currently "in service" behave very well. It is a straightforward design with no surprises, other than that it is a long reach over the bogie tender. It is a pity that there is no single source of parts.

Technical Particulars

  • Frames 19" overall
  • Coupled Wheels 2_7/8" diameter
  • Cylinders (Slide valve) 13/16" bore x 1_1/8" stroke
  • Boiler barrel 3 to 3" o.d., tapered Round Top type
  • Drawings

    The Drawing Set of 6 sheets is available from Reeves 2000, cat no 29/503.

  • sheet 1 : General arrangement and frames
  • sheet 2 : Cylinders, wheels, coupling and connecting rods, bogie
  • sheet 3 : Valve gear, mechanical lubricator, pipe connections
  • sheet 4 : Boiler and mountings, smoke box, superheater
  • sheet 5 : Grate, ashpan, cab, buffers, feed and bypass connections, section of oil-fired boiler
  • sheet 6 : Tender
  • Construction Articles Reprint

    A complete set of the articles that appeared in English Mechanics (13th May 1938 through to 13th January 1939) is available to members from the Association.


    When the design was originally published, Culhams and Kennions both sold the necessary castings to builders. None of the patterns are known to exist now. However, prospective builders need not despair. Many castings intended for other designs that are available can be used. Suitable wheel castings can be obtained from Turn of the Century Wheels.
  • Coupled Wheels
  • Driving Wheels
  • Bogie Wheels (engine and tender)
  • Cylinders, etc.
  • Smokebox Door and Rings, Chimney, Dome
  • Transfers

    Sets of the Maunsell period Southern letters and numbers were produced by Ashdown Models. The Association has stocks of these available to members.

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