"LORD NELSON" by Henry Greenly

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Lord Nelson Express Locomotive

2½" GAUGE ~ 17/32" - 1' SCALE

The 'Lord Nelson' class (4˜6˜0) was designed by Mr. R. E. L. Maunsell, chief mechanical engineer of the Southern Railway in 1926 for heavy passenger train working. It has four cylinders and four sets of Walschaerts' gear, whereas this small model is fitted with the two outside cylinders only.


Cylinders. 11/16-inch bore by 1 1/16-inch stroke. Piston or slide valves can be fitted. Piston-valve cylinders are shown in Fig. 24, so that, if slide valves are to be employed, it will be necessary to modify the combination lever and return crank. (See Fig. 28.)

Coupled Wheels. 3 7/16-inch diameter on 3/8-inch diameter steel axles, fitted into sprung axle-boxes working in gun-metal horn-blocks.

Bogie Wheels. 1 5/8-inch diameter. Tender wheels. 1 7/8-inch diameter.

Bogie. Equalized and the four wheels mounted in sprung axle-boxes.

Main Loco Frames. 1/16-inch bright steel plate, 2 inches apart.

Boiler. Locomotive-type boiler with six 3/8-inch fire-tubes and one 5/8-inch fire-tube to take superheater element. Barrel 3¼-inch diameter. Stays 3/16-inch diameter copper (40 t.p.i.) pitched at 7/8˜inch centres.

Boiler Feed. Hand pump in the tender and axle-driven pump on the locomotive.

Lubrication. For the cylinders steam or water displacement oiling system fitted between the locomotive frames.

Tractive Effort. 8¾ lb.

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