ELAINE - a 2" gauge Locomotive

by Don Young

The constructional series for the LSWR Urie (Elaine) and the SR Maunsell (Sir Ironside) of the Southern Railway's King Arthur class 4-6-0s when published in The Model Engineer in the early 1970s proved a resounding success and were a factor in the revival of the fortunes of the 2" gauge. Although this success did not reflect commercially, nevertheless there is the same continuing interest today as when introduced in 1970, more than sufficient to justify the design. Don Young worked at Eastleigh in 1953/4 and spent hours with No. 30747 ELAINE, so was easily able to produce an authentic design in this small gauge, one with many extras such as working vacuum brakes. By omitting some of the trimmings, a basic locomotive results that is appealing to beginners, if only on pure economics, never mind the legendary robustness of the King Arthurs which is a real bonus in their reduction to 17/32 inch scale.

Technical Particulars

  • Frames 19" overall
  • Coupled Wheels 3" diameter
  • Cylinders (Slide valve) 15/16" bore x 1" stroke
  • Boiler barrel 27/8" o.d.
  • Weight 35 lbs.
  • Drawings

  • G.A. of Engine and both Urie 8-wheel and Maunsell 6-wheel Tenders
  • Boiler, Superheater and Mountings
  • Cylinders, Frames, Beams and Wheels
  • Bogie, Rods and Motion
  • Motion details, Lubricator and Vacuum Brakes
  • Smokebox, Cab Fitting and Superstructure
  • Details to complete Urie 5,000 gallon Tender
  • Details to complete Maunsell 3,500 gallon Tender
  • The complete Drawing Set of 8 sheets is available from Reeves 2000.


  • Coupled, Bogie and Tender Wheels 75.16
  • All other castings for Engine and Tender 79.53
  • Note : castings are only available in sets, not individually.

    When the design was being published in The Model Engineer, Mr Whelan made a set of patterns and supplied castings to builders. When Whelan Models ceased trading, Don Young purchased these patterns and had castings made. The patterns were subsequently sold to HRM Supplies and then to A.J.Reeves & Co. (Birmingham) ltd. Castings for Elaine and the detailed Vacuum Brakes are now available from Reeves 2000.

    Construction Articles Reprint

    A complete set of the articles that appeared in The Model Engineer (3rd July 1970 through to 5th November 1971) is available to members from the Association.


    Sets of the Maunsell period Southern letters and numbers were produced by Ashdown Models. The Association has stocks of these available to members.

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