"EAR 4-8-4 + 4-8-4 Beyer Garratt"

by Peter Wardle

Technical Particulars

  • Driving wheel dia. 3 9/16 "
  • Bogie wheel dia. 2 1/16 "
  • Four outside cylinders, each 1" dia. bore x 1" stroke
  • Slide Valves operated by Walschaerts gear
  • Boiler barrel 4" diam. x 16" long

    Construction Drawings and Articles

  • The constructional series appeared in Engineering in Miniature between August 1985 and January 1987.
  • For copyright reasons, the Association cannot supply a photocopy of the series.
  • No separate plans were made available - all piece part and assembly drawings were well reproduced within the articles.
  • The author can be contacted through the Association if anyone wants further information or assistance.
  • Apart from the engine built by Peter, one other is known to exist and is often steamed at Association rallies by Steve Eaton.
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