"Netta," a North-Eastern T- class "Mitey" Hauler


Netta - (N.E., T-class; what else could I have called her ?) is an ideal job for any locomotive-builder who needs a simply-built, sturdy and efficient engine which packs the maximum of power into the minimum of space. She is the cat's whiskers for the average suburban back-garden, which is usually only long enough to accommodate an up-and-down straight line. The whole of the weight being available for adhesion, the big cylinders, small wheels, and ample boiler power, all combine to give the acceleration needed, to get any pleasure out of what really amounts to a shunting job.

The constructional series appeared in The Model Engineer between 7th January, 1954 and 25th August, 1954.
The Association can supply photocopies of the constructional series to members.
A set of 9 full-size drawings (LO92) used to be available from the Nexus Plans Service, but appears to have been discontinued. However, the Association does have access to a set.
All the castings required to build Netta in 2" gauge are available from the Association.

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