"N.E.Rly. Electric"

by R.W.Dunn

designed for a 2-in. gauge third rail system

The prize-winning design, although following closely the lines of the locomotives designed by Sir Vincent Raven, M.Inst.C.E., for the N.E.Rly., has been cleverly modified and simplified by Mr. Dunn so that a model railway enthusiast constructing a working model to the complete plans and detailed instructions in the text will find himself possessed of an exceptionally powerful locomotive.

Technical Particulars

  • Construction Articles

  • The detailed instructions for this design appeared in the 10th November 1927 edition of Wonderful Models.
  • The Association can supply a photocopy of the ten page article plus Plate V.
  • No separate drawings were produced - all information needed is in the article.


  • None of the castings required are available commercially. However, patterns could be made and castings produced if there is a demand.
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