FLYING SCOTSMAN - a 2" gauge Locomotive

by Derek Collin and Paul Wiese

The constructional series for the world famous GNR pacific was published in The Model Engineer between 4th September 1981 and 19th March 1983.

Technical Particulars

  • Frames 22_11/16" overall
  • Coupled Wheels 3" diameter, 20 spokes
  • Two or Three Cylinders (Slide valve) 15/16" bore x 1_1/8" stroke
  • Slide valves operated by 2 or 3 sets of Walschaerts gear
  • Boiler barrel 3" o.d. with Combustion chamber
  • Alternative boiler design for propane gas firing.
  • Drawings

  • sheet 1 : General arrangement of engine, plan view of main frames, details of frames, etc.
  • sheet 2 : Coupling and connecting rods, etc.
  • sheet 3 : Boiler assembly
  • sheet 4 : Bogie arrangement details
  • sheet 5 : Inside cylinder details
  • sheet 6 : Arrangement and details of gas-fired boiler
  • Complete Drawing set (LO962) available from Nexus Plans Service, Nexus House, Boundary Way, Hemel Hempstead, Herts. HP2 7ST - price 24.00 plus postage.


  • Coupled & Driving Wheels
  • Bogie Wheels
  • Tender Wheels
  • All cylinders, steamchests and covers
  • Note : all castings are available from the Association.

    Construction Articles Reprint

    A complete set of the articles that appeared in The Model Engineer is available to members from the Association, priced 7.00 including postage.


    The Association has run out of stock of LNER transfers, but some are still available from Maidstone Engineering.

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