Better Late than Never !

Here is a general arrangement sketch and commencing details of the "Jujube". Yes, I know quite well it is long overdue; but please accept my sincere apologies for the delay, due to the following reasons. I wanted to incorporate existing castings and material on the market, so that no pattern-making, etc., would be needed; secondly, I didn't want to put in any untried details, and leave builders to find out whether they worked, or didn't; and last, but not least, I've never had a lesson in mechanical draughtsmanship in my life, and am no "designer" hate the word ! so that it took me a jolly long time to make the point of a blacklead pencil go where I wanted it. I know you'll understand, so now to business.
The constructional series appeared in The Model Engineer between 14th July 1938 and 29th December, 1938.

The Association can supply photocopies of the constructional series to members.

Drawings, castings and some materials are available from GLR Kennions.

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