SIX-COUPLED GOODS by Henry Greenly

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2" GAUGE ~ 17/32" - 1' SCALE


Engine Type. This is a standard British 060 Goods type of the old N.B.R. The design exemplifies one of the most successful type of locomotive used in these Isles. It is robust and simple as well as very symmetrical in external proportions.

Tractive Effort. 12 lb.

Cylinders. For a 2-inch gauge model the inside cylinders are 11/16-inch bore by 1 1/16-inch stroke. (Slide valves on top of cylinders.)

Valve Gear. Indirect link motion with rocker arm.

Coupled Wheels. 2 5/8-inch diameter.

Tender Wheels. 2-inch diameter.

Boiler. Locomotive type, coal-fired with five 7/16-inch tubes.

Firebox. 1 7/8 inches wide by 4 inches long.

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