BLACK FIVE - a 2" gauge Locomotive

by Martin Evans

The constructional series for the LMSR 4-6-0 was published in The Model Engineer in 1984-5 proved a resounding success and many sets of castings were sold.

Technical Particulars

  • Frames 1913/16" overall
  • Coupled Wheels 31/8" diameter
  • Cylinders " bore x 11/8" stroke
  • Slide or piston valves operated by outside Walschaerts gear
  • Boiler barrel 2" o.d. tapered, Belpaire type
  • Tender, 6 wheeled, high sided 4000 gallon type


  • sheet 1 : General Arrangement, Mainframes, Axleboxes, Driving wheels.
  • sheet 2 : Slide Valve Cylinders, coupling and connecting rods, crosshead and motion plates
  • sheet 3 : Piston Valve Cylinders, slide and piston valve gear general arrangements
  • sheet 4 : Valve gear details, cab reverser details, bogie general arrangements and details
  • sheet 5 : Boiler and smokebox general arrangements, boiler details
  • sheet 6 : Simplified boiler general arrangement
  • sheet 7 : Chimney, Safety Valves, Regulator, Running Boards and cab Structure
  • sheet 8 : Buffers, coupling, turret and whistle vale, canb and tender
  • sheet 9 : Tender frames,axles, wheels, buffers, buffer beams.
  • Complete Drawing set (LO967) available from Nexus Plans Service, Nexus House, Boundary Way, Hemel Hempstead, Herts. HP2 7ST - price 39.00 plus postage.


  • Coupled & Driving Wheels
  • Bogie Wheels
  • Tender Wheels
  • Slide valve and piston valve cylinder sets
  • Eccentric straps, pump bodies, etc.

    Note : castings are all available from the Association.

    Construction Articles Reprint

    A complete set of the articles that appeared in The Model Engineer (4th May 1984 through to 3rd May 1985) is available to members from the Association.


    A boiler kit is available from Blackgates Engineering, 207/209 Wakefield Road, Drighlington, BRADFORD, West Yorkshire BD11 1EB.

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