Annie Boddie


Meet your own engine, brother tyros. She gets her name from the fact that "anny boddy" can build her, without trouble, and with the certainty that they are "backing a winner." Whether she wears a green or red dress, with or without ornaments and jewellery, she will do her job of work just the same; you can take her out visiting, and she will take you for a ride in return. Unlike many young ladies, she is not very expensive; and with moderate care and attention, she will remain faithful and serve you to the best of her ability for a very long time. In order to make use of the stock castings and parts sold by our advertisers, the bogie will be the same as "Fayette's," with wheels 15/8 in. diam. at 35/8 in. centres; the cylinders, "Fayette" pattern, with valves on top, in. bore if you use a water tube oil-fired boiler. 13/16 in. bore with a loco-type coal-fired boiler; stroke 11/8 in. in either case. Driving wheels 35/8 in. diameter. The use of these cylinders enables any brother tyro to fit a simple loose eccentric gear driving through a pendulum shaft, as a kick-off. Later, when experience has been gained, Stephenson link, Walschaerts or Baker can be substituted without any alteration whatever to the cylinders or running gear. The water tube boiler can also be replaced by "the real goods" at any time.

The constructional series appeared in The Model Engineer between 20th July, 1933 and 31st May, 1934.
The Association can supply photocopies of the constructional series to members.

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