Published 2 inch gauge Locomotive Designs


GWR designs

nameclass/typewheel arr.designerConstruction ArticlesFull Plans
Lady Kitty 47xx 2-8-0 LBSCModel Engineer, 06-Jun-1929no
Economary Metro Tank2-4-0T LBSCEnglish Mechanics, 27-Nov-1931no
Kingette King 4-6-0 LBSCModel Engineer, 21-Apr-1932no
Mabel Hall Hall 4-6-0 LBSCEnglish Mechanics, 08-Jul-1932no
Purley Grange Grange4-6-0 LBSCModel Engineer, 08-Apr-1937GLR / Xlist LO61
1695 1695 0-6-0ST LBSCEnglish Mechanics, 08-Dec-1939Reeves 29/501
Speedyette 15xx 0-6-0T LBSCMechanics, 30-Mar-1951Reeves 29/502
Pansyette 57xx 0-6-0T LBSCModel Engineer, 19-Jun-1958no
Saint Brides Hall Hall 4-6-0 Paul WieseSteam Chest, Nos 71-78N25GA
Earl Bathurst Castle4-6-0 Chris BarronnoneLoco Design Co
Prairie 51xx 2-6-2T Chris BarronnoneLoco Design Co
Auto Tank 14xx 0-4-2T Chris BarronnoneLoco Design Co

SR designs

nameclass/typewheel arr.designerConstruction ArticlesFull Plans
King ArthurLSWR Urie N154-6-0 Henry GreenlynoneN25GA BS333
Lord Nelson SR LN4-6-0 Henry GreenlynoneFincken L137 & L137A
Ayesha LBSCR H24-4-2 LBSCEnglish Mechanics, 08-Aug-1930Reeves 29/511
Dairymaid LSWR D154-4-0 LBSCModel Engineer, 13-Nov-1930none
Belle Stroudley LBSCR G2-2-2 LBSCModel Engineer, 27-Aug-1931none
Miss Hasty steam railcar- LBSCModel Engineer, 03-Apr-1936Reeves 29/509
Southern Maid f/l0-6-0 LBSCModel Engineer, 17-Sep-1936GLR / XList LO57
S15 Maunsell S154-6-0 LBSCEnglish Mechanics, 13-May-1938 Reeves 29/503
Victoria No 23960-4-4T LBSCEnglish Mechanics, 30-Jun-1944XList LO58
Elaine LSWR Urie N154-6-0 Don YoungModel Engineer, 1970-1Reeves
Sir Ironside Maunsell N154-6-0 Don YoungModel Engineer, 1970-1Reeves
SECR C class Wainwright C0-6-0 Richard DownsnoneR Downs
Downside Maunsell V4-4-0 Chris BarronnoneLoco Design Co
Lyme Regis Bulleid WC4-6-2 Chris BarronnoneLoco Design Co
M7Drummond M7 0-4-4T Chris BarronnoneLoco Design Co

LMSR designs

nameclass/typewheel arr.designerConstruction ArticlesFull Plans
Princess Royal LMSR 7P4-6-2 LBSCEnglish Mechanics, 24-Nov-1933Reeves 29/507
2537 LMSR 4P 2-6-4T LBSCEnglish Mechanics, 19-Jun-1936Reeves 29/504
4562 LMSR 4F 0-6-0 LBSCEnglish Mechanics, 05-Nov-1937Reeves 29/505
Olympiade LMSR 5XP4-6-0 LBSCModel Engineer, 14-Jul-1938GLR / Xlist LO60
Coronation LMSR 8P4-6-2 H.P. Jackson Model Engineer, 1939no
Stanier WD LMSR 8F2-8-0 LBSCEnglish Mechanics, 28-Jun-1940Reeves 29/506
Black Five LMSR 5MT4-6-0 Martin Evans Model Engineer, 1984-5XList LO967
NBR No 8 NBR Goods0-6-0 Henry GreenlynoneModel Steam Locomotives Design No 9
MR SingleMR ?2-2-2 Henry GreenlynoFincken L46
LMS CompoundLMSR 4P 4-4-0 C.M. Keiller Model Engineer, 1937no
LMS 5MT LMSR 5MT4-6-0 G. Layton (for Bonds)noneN25GA
City of Stoke on TrentLMSR 8P4-6-2 G. Layton (for Bonds)noneN25GA
CardeanCR4-6-0 Chris BarronnoneLoco Design Co
Furness Tank EngineFR4-6-4T Chris BarronnoneLoco Design Co
PrecedentLNWR2-4-0 Chris BarronnoneLoco Design Co
Duchess of Montrose LMSR 8P4-6-2 Chris BarronnoneLoco Design Co
Queen MaryLMSR 8P Coronation4-6-2 Chris BarronnoneLoco Design Co

LNER designs

nameclass/typewheel arr.designerConstruction ArticlesFull Plans
Simple Sally NER No.16194-4-0 LBSCModel Engineer, 14-Oct-1926no
NER Electric NER ?Bo-Bo R.W.DunnWonderful Models, 1927no
Mary Ann LNER Class J390-6-0 LBSCModel Engineer, 04-Jan-1934no
Dyak LNER K42-6-0 LBSCModel Engineer, 06-Sep-1934GLR
Green Arrow LNER Class V22-6-2 LBSCEnglish Mechanics, 04-Dec-1936Reeves 29/508
Stirling Single GNR 8ft4-2-2 LBSCEnglish Mechanics, 10-Sep-1937no
Netta NER T class0-8-0 LBSCModel Engineer, 07-Jan-1954XList LO92
Rose GER mixed traffic type2-4-0 LBSCModel Engineer, 08-Aug-1957no
Flying Scotsman LNER A14-6-2 E. Twiningfor Bassett-Lowkeno
Flying Scotsman LNER A1/A34-6-2 Derek Collin & Paul WieseModel Engineer, 1981-2XList LO972
Nigel Minor LNER O12-8-0 Martin Evans Model Engineer, 1988 Xlist LO976
Stirling 8ft Single GNR4-2-2 Peter GardnerSteam ChestN25GA
ImminghamGCR4-6-0 Chris BarronnoneLoco Design Co
Stirling 8ft Single
No 33
GNR4-2-2 Chris BarronnoneLoco Design Co
KestrelLNER Class A14-6-2 Chris BarronnoneLoco Design Co
MallardLNER Class A4 4-6-2 Chris BarronnoneLoco Design Co
No 4662LNER Class K22-6-0 Chris BarronnoneLoco Design Co
No 2394LNER Class P12-8-2 Chris BarronnoneLoco Design Co

Irish, WD and BR designs

nameclass/typewheel arr.designerConstruction ArticlesFull Plans
Eagle GNR(I) Class V4-4-0 Martin EvansModel Mechanics, 1979-80XList LO955
Austere Ada WD2-8-0 LBSCModel Engineer, 24-Jun-1943GLR / XList LO59
Austere Ada II WD2-10-0 LBSCModel Engineer, 12-Oct-1944no
U.S. Austerity USATC S1602-8-0 LBSCEnglish Mechanics, 19-Feb-1943Reeves 29/512
BR Standard Tank Class 42-6-4T Henry GreenlynoneFincken L800
BR Standard Tank Class 42-6-4T Chris BarronnoneLoco Design Co
BR Britannia Class 7P4-6-2 Chris BarronnoneLoco Design Co
BR Evening Star Class 9F2-10-0 Chris BarronnoneLoco Design Co
Diesel ShunterClass 030-6-0 Chris BarronnoneLoco Design Co

Freelance designs

namewheel arr.designerConstruction ArticlesFull Plans
Helen Long 4-8-4T LBSCModel Engineer, 20-Jan-1927N25GA
Talula 4-6-4T LBSCWonderful Models, 1927no
Fayette 4-6-2 LBSCModel Engineer, 13-Dec-1928GLR
Uranus 4-8-4 Josslin/LBSCEnglish Mechanics, 25-Dec-1931N25GA
Eva May 0-6-0 LBSCEnglish Mechanics, 16-Dec-1932no
Annie Boddie 4-4-0 LBSCModel Engineer, 27-Jul-1933no
Cleopatra single wheeler LBSCEnglish Mechanics, 07-Dec-1934 no
Gwen Elms 4-6-4 LBSCEnglish Mechanics, 03-Feb-1939 Reeves 29/510
Ugly Duckling 0-6-0 LBSCModel Engineer, 09-Apr-1936N25GA
Caterpillar 4-12-2 LBSCEnglish Mechanics, 27-Sep-1935 Reeves 29/513
Highland Chieftain4-6-0 William HunterModel Engineer, 1940no
Victory LMS style 4-6-2 G. Layton (for Bonds)noN25GA
Pacific Loco4-6-2 H GreenlyBonds pre-war design, BS300N25GA
Atlantic Loco4-4-2 H GreenlyBonds pre-war design, BS300Alost
Mixed Traffic Loco4-6-0 H GreenlyBonds pre-war design, BS330N25GA
GNR Loco4-6-2 H GreenlyBonds pre-war design BS331N25GA
Passenger Tank Loco4-6-4T H Greenlyfor Bonds, BS332lost
American profile Loco4-6-2 H GreenlyBonds pre-war design BS350lost
Dominion of Canada4-8-4T J.A. JosslinModel Engineer, 01-Jan-1925no
Great Britain4-6-2 J.A.JosslinModel Engineer, 04-Apr-1929no
City of Ottawa4-6-2 J.A.JosslinModel Engineer, 25-Aug-1932no
Queen City4-6-4 J.A.JosslinModel Engineer, 10-Sep-1936no
Leo Magnus4-8-4T J.A.JosslinModel Engineer, 29-Sep-1932no
Mars4-6-4T J.A.JosslinModel Engineer, 16-Feb-1933no
Ursa Maximus4-8-2 J.A.JosslinModel Engineer, 02-Feb-1928N25GA
Ursa Maximus II4-8-2 J.A.JosslinModel Engineer, 28-Jan-1932no
Euston LMS style 4-8-0 J.A.Josslin??lost
Uranus II4-8-4 J.A.JosslinModel Engineer, 19-Sep-1946no

Overseas designs

nameclass/typewheel arr.designerConstruction ArticlesFull Plans
President Washington B & O RR class P74-6-2H.J. CoventryThe Model Maker, 1928N25GA
Canadian Switcher CNR No 74140-6-0LBSC / P. Eldon HuntModel Engineer 22-Aug-29lost
Judy NYC Hudson4-6-4LBSC / Fred GrimkeModel Engineer, 01-May-1930nono
Hollywood Annie NWP No 7504-4-0LBSCModel Engineer, 02-Jan-1936no
EAR Beyer Garratt 4-8-8-4Peter WardleEIM, 1985-7EIM/Peter Wardle
NZR Ab Class - 4-6-4L. Walcott-WoodPlans onlyN25GA
NZR Ka Class - 4-8-4L. Walcott-WoodPlans onlyN25GA
NZR Kb Class - 4-8-4L. Walcott-WoodPlans onlyN25GA
C.N.R. Mountain -4-8-2P. Eldon Huntplans onlylost
C.N.R. Northern -4-8-4P. Eldon Huntplans onlylost
C.N.R. Pacific -4-6-2P. Eldon Huntplans onlylost

Narrow Gauge designs

namewheel arr.designerConstruction ArticlesFull Plans
Large Bass 0-4-0T LBSCEnglish Mechanics, 30-Jun-1933no
Toby 0-4-2T Steve EatonSteam ChestN25GA
Polar Bear2-4-0T Chris BaronnoLoco Design Co.
E.R.Calthrop4-6-4T Chris BarronnoLoco Design Co.

Simple, novelty and toy designs

namewheel arr.designerConstruction ArticlesFull Plans
Nippy LNWR type singleLBSCModel Engineer, 18-Mar-1932no
Six year Olds's 4F 0-6-0 LBSC Model Engineer, 07-Dec-1944no
Pixie 2-2-2 LBSCModel Engineer, 02-May-1957no
Sugar 0-4-0TRex TingleyModel Engineer, 1977-8no

See also the drawings made by Henry Greenly. These drawings give the important dimensions but do not include any piece part details.


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