"EVENING STAR" by Chris Barron

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2" GAUGE ~ 17/32" - 1' SCALE

The 9F Class of Locomotives were inyroduced to British railways in 1954 and was a re-design of the very successful wartime Austerity 2-10-0. Equally at home on heavy freight or express passenger, these locomotives were the epitome of steam power on British railways. To date five of this class preserved with "Evening Star" being the only named locomotive of the Class.

A super scale model with flangelss centre drivers and steam brakes to enable it to negotiate relative tight track curves.

The Drawing set comprises:-

Sheet 01 General arrangement & main frame Sheet 08 Brake gear details
Sheet 02 Main frame stretchers Sheet 09 Boiler arrangement
Sheet 03 Driving/coupled wheels & main axleboxes    Sheet 10 Superheater & smokebox
Sheet 04 Piston valve cylinders Sheet 11 Reverser & firegrate
Sheet 05 Slide valve cylinders Sheet 12 Locomotive superstructure
Sheet 06 Valve gear details Sheet 13 Tender arrangement & running gear
Sheet 07 Bogie & trailing truck Sheet 14 Tender superstructure & pipework

Castings available include :-

Transfers of BR early and late totems and numbers available from GRS

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