"BRITANNIA" by Chris Barron

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2" GAUGE ~ 17/32" - 1' SCALE

The British Railways "Britannias" were introduced in 1951 and would eventually number fifty five of which all but one were named. A brand new design, the Britannias were initially used for express passenger duties and rejuvenated the services on certain sections of British Railways.

A scale model with a choice of piston or slide valve cylinders, it is nevertheless an easy to machine and construct locomotive.

The Drawing set comprises:-

Sheet 01 General arrangement & main frame Sheet 08 Brake gear details
Sheet 02 Main frame stretchers Sheet 09 Boiler arrangement
Sheet 03 Driving/coupled wheels & main axleboxes    Sheet 10 Superheater & smokebox
Sheet 04 Piston valve cylinders Sheet 11 Reverser & firegrate
Sheet 05 Slide valve cylinders Sheet 12 Locomotive superstructure
Sheet 06 Valve gear details Sheet 13 Tender arrangement & running gear
Sheet 07 Bogie & trailing truck Sheet 14 Tender superstructure & pipework

Castings available include :-

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